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This mother from Ireland couldn’t be funnier when she replicated Beyonce’s latest shot. She wanted to recreate the pop singer’s photoshoot with her twins, which captured the world’s attention, in a more “realistic” way!

While Beyonce hired a famed celebrity photographer for the epic shot of her newborns, one mother with a sense of humor, Sharon Kellaway, 40, from Kilworth in Cork, had her photos taken with the help of her 6-year-old daughter, Megan!

Credit: Facebook | Sharon Kellaway
Credit: Facebook | Sharon Kellaway

In the image that has received over 1 million likes, Beyonce was dressed in a pink fleece blanket and a makeshift veil. She held Sir Carter and Rumi in her arms, as she gracefully posed in front of a decorated rose covered wall, and against the backdrop of a vast ocean.

And so did this mother of five! Kellaway did a somewhat similar pose, but in her own backyard. She replicated Beyonce by draping a pink owl-patterned blanket over her shoulder and wore a veil over her head. She clutched her five-month-old twins Senan and Zoe on one leg, clad in Converse sneakers, amid the backdrop of a home-grown flowerbed.

Credit: Facebook | Sharon Kellaway

Kellaway was inspired to recreate Beyonce’s shot in a more genuine, lifelike version, as she feels Beyonce’s shot was way too “unrealistic.”

Credit: Facebook | Sharon Kellaway

The parody of Beyonce was so hilarious that the photos went viral immediately after they were posted.

“I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one,” she wrote on Facebook. “My 6 year old (Megan) took the photos… no qualifications and still did a mighty job.”

“I love it!!! That’s a cute picture and she’s having fun with it. Not taking herself too seriously,” wrote netizen DianahC.

So, what do you think of Kellaway’s photoshoot?

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