8 accidental panoramic shots that weren’t meant to come out like this! | photography

There is a photographer in everyone, and every picture tells a story. Here’s a few unlikely shots that were taken of subjects, that you’ve probably never seen before.

The panoramic mode on digital cameras enables wide angled and elongated shots. One can then take an array of photos in sequence, which can sometimes result in some rather odd shots at times! Here’s a series of photos that were “accidentally” created using the panoramic function.

1. Can this cat get any longer?

©Twitter | hanamomoact


2. Curling cat

©Twitter | PanoramaFails


3. Strange …

©Twitter | hanamomoact


4. Stretching for a selfie

©Reddit | Strid3r21


5. A fragmented fall?

©Imgur | itsSkizza


6. Could there be another face?

©Reddit | 43percentburnt


7. Illusion

©Tumblr | Panorama Fail


8. The leaning tower of Paris


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