Adopted dog pays back the kindness by ‘rescuing’ his beloved owner from deathly coma | Miracle dog | grateful dog | loving owner

When this dog’s owner fell into a coma after conquering a terrible disease, the little pooch knew he had to “rescue” his rescuer from eternal slumber.  

Ted, a schnauzer–poodle mixed breed, was adopted into a loving home, after some time in an animal shelter in 2012. This rescue dog was adopted by British couple, Andy and Estelle Szasz, who fell in love with his quirky personality.

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“Ted is such a remarkable little dog in many ways. He’s clever, loving, loyal, funny, and a right little character,” Andy remarked

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Ted was Andy’s source of strength while battling bowel cancer. Time passed and he was already recovering. However, he suffered a medically induced coma after he stopped breathing due to a worsened pneumonia. His wife Estelle, thought of bringing Andy’s strength to help him recover.

Hence, Mrs. Szasz got permission from his huband’s doctors and brought Ted for a visit. After being put by Andy’s side, the loyal dog started barking loudly. To their surprise Andy miraculously woke up and started snuggling his favorite animal!

Ted was taken to the hospital to help Andy recover, but he did much more

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Now, the United Kingdom’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), granted a special award to Ted, the grateful dog. “I always tell people I rescued Ted and Ted rescued me. “We certainly do have a special bond,” Szasz stated.

Indeed, the greatest miracles in our lives come unexpectedly. Sometimes they also come with paws.

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