Half-dead EXOTIC fish rescued in the nick of time—look at his healthy transformation! | before and after | before and after adoption | Siamese fighter fish

This woman has documented the journey of this near-dead Siamese fighter fish, who sprang to life, thanks to her dedicated care!

One day, Reddit user Astilaroth, found a frail and pale looking fish at the bottom of “a large community tank without any cover” at a pet store.

The Siamese fighter fish, also known as a betta, was evidently neglected and on the brink of death.

Astilaroth decided to give him the love and respect he deserved. She adopted the fish from the pet store for “free,” refusing to pay the pet store for their negligence in caring for the poor fish.

“The poor beasty is in horrible shape,” Astilaroth wrote.

“It was kept in with bright lights and many other species. Not cool for a territorial fish which has vulnerable fins that easily get nipped by curious species.”

The fins of the lifeless, translucent betta were rotting, and the fish was found floating listlessly in the plastic bag when Astilaroth brought him home.

The owner then transferred the tiny fish into a quarantine shrimp tank, with warm water and salt solution to quicken the healing process and nurse him back to health.

But the condition of the betta didn’t improve. The sickly fish had not eaten for a week and a half since he came to his new home. He floated to the corner of the shrimp tank, and his fins and tail started to drop off.

“He is incredibly pale, even its body is affected by the fin rot,” commented Astilaroth.

Witnessing the dreadful state of the fish, Astilaroth wasn’t sure what to do.

When all hope was lost, something miraculous happened. The tiny betta sprang back to life and began eating again.

“He suddenly started to eat and perk up! Since the rotting had stopped and I could stop with the salt, I decided it was time for a better home,” exclaimed Astilaroth.

The owner transported him to a bigger tank, built with plants, rocks and hiding places.

Shortly, the Siamese fighter fish amazingly transformed from a pale and fragile fish to a handsome metallic blue fish, with long fins!

Astilaroth shared photos of her proud achievement online.

She posted the last picture of the healthy fish, praising it: “It’s easy to see why a lot of other fish would nip at these long veils.”

“Betta’s are awesome fish, sadly often either kept way too small or with wrong tank mates,” she cautioned.

Reddit users commended Astilaroth for her awesome care.

“That’s amazing! It’s a complete 360 from his old self. You did a great job taking care of him,” commented user Davis1511.

This amazing before-and-after adoption story serves to remind us that with care and dedication, we can make a huge difference to lives of other animals. Every living creature deserves a second chance!

Photo credit: Imgur.

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