Mama’s boy: Ranbir Kapoor says he is more like his mother! (7 rare pics to prove it) | Neetu Kapoor | son | family

Mothers are the backbone of a family. They are a son’s most trusted source of advice. A mother’s faith in her child’s capacity can become the strength of her child’s future. Neetu Singh the mother of Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is not a different mother. She has been there whenever he wanted her; according to Ranbir she understands him and knows how to make him feel better.

In an interview with a famous tabloid Ranbir said, ”My personality is more like hers than my father’s. My sister (Riddhima) is more like my father.”

The mother-son duo are surely a great to look out for in B-Town! Here are 7 rare pics of Ranbir and Neetu that will make you go awwww…!

”Rans only interested in the laddoo”

Picture shared by Neetu on her Instagram. Credit: Instagram.

Ranbir seems to be practicing his acting skills with his parents!

Credit: Instagram.

Mommy’s naughty boy!

Credit: Instagram.

They look exactly like each other awwww…..!

Credit: Instagram.

He seems to be convincing his mom for something…

Credit: Instagram.

She will always stand by his side!

Credit: Instagram.

She’s not just his mother, she is his best friend!

Credit: Instagram.


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