Remember the time when you used to hide behind your mom, Aaradhya is also the same! | Aishwarya Rai Bacchan | Bollywood | IIFA

Peeking at the world from behind mom is a thing that we all have done. It assured us that mommy is there to protect us. Well, the star kids are no exception when it comes to mom. When it comes to Aaradhya, she is always happy to be her mom Aishwarya’s little doll and ‘Mommy Dearest’ is so protective of her all the time.

These 2 pics of Aishwarya and her daughter will definitely take you to those childhood days when your mom used to be your shield against the entire world!

Is it safe to come out!!

Credit: Instagram.

Best place in the world- Mommy’s arms!

Credit: Instagram.

Mommy’s little pet!

Credit: Instagram.


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